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The Facts

Lets see the facts at a glance:

1. The average penis size of Indian men is 7.56 inches.
2. Many men complain of not being able to do sex for more than 15 mins. The reason behind this is weak penis muscles.
3. In United States of America 30 Lakhs males are suffering from impotency. We have no information about India. But it is much much more.
4. In many males blood circulation is less.
5. 45% of males complain about Erection problems once they cross 29 years of age.
6. 98% males don't know how to increase the size of their penis.
7. 93% of females are not satisfied with the sexual performance of their partners, but only 76% females actually say it.
8.67% females accept that they are not satisfied with size of their partners penis.
9. 99% males penis are weak and underdeveloped, and could be enlarged.

Do you know as per the recent survey 67% females have accepted that they are dissatisfied with the size of their partners reproductive organ (penis)...

Average sizes of penis in India:
Normal: 6" to 7"
Large:7" to 8"
Extra Large: more than 8"

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