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How it Works?

Basically your penis made up of three parts. Two big sections at the top (it is like a big room with lots of layers) and a small compartment at the bottom (Kavearanoasa corpora). During excitement blood goes in all three sections, however Kavearanoasa corpora is the place where 90% blood circulation is present. The size of your present penis is limited between the length and breadth of these compartments.

With the exercises we teach you, what you will be doing is developing the muscles in these compartments ( just like normal gym exercise does for the rest of your body) to grow them. Then, when you get aroused, there is more space for the blood to flow which gives you a bigger penis. This change will not happen overnight, but you will need to follow the exercises we teach you for at least one or two months. Maximum advantage and growth in penis can be achieved by doing the exercises for three months, but it is not required if you are happy with the growth you get in one or two months.

Your sex organ is just like any other muscle in your body. If you exercise it using proper techniques, you will be able to grow it. However please be aware that you only follow the guidelines given by our experts to safeguard against the risk of injury.

The truth is that the sex organ of most Indian males is underdeveloped. That is why you cannot hold on to your sexual performance for as long as your woman wants. As per the studies conducted 93% of females are dissatisfied with their partners. The two main reasons cited were

1. Lack of penis size. Smaller penis not able to penetrate deep enough to reach the females erotic zones.
2. Partners ejaculate too early.

But, with adequate and correct techniques and exercise, you can both increase your penis size and have sex for longer before cumming.

FACT : Almost 98% who have performed the exercises revealed by our experts have given feedback that their penis size has increased.

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Purushottam Patel:
I am really thankful to whole team of, and really thank them. Still I can't believe that this really works, today my penis is of 8", which was earlier of 6". It has taken only 3 months for me , now my orgasm is unbelievable and now my wife loves me very much. Thanks once again.
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